Data for Social Change: Bridging the Gap Between Big Data and Local Data

RNW Media-PeaceTech Lab Deep Dive Series

Deep Dive Series - 2016-2017

Alison Campbell, Internews Vice President for Global Initiatives, is presenting on a panel at the second Deep Dive on February 14 presented by RNW Media and PeaceTech Lab.

The panel - Ground Truth via Storytelling - is centered around media organizations that are not data-driven but rather find that in the course of their work—collecting the stories of local actors and partners, amplifying them, and learning from them—they both generate and make use of data. This discussion is focused on qualitative, quasi-anecdotal data that are not currently integrated into “big data” systems and analyses, and naturally raises questions about our thematic concerns: veracity, connecting macro and micro, and the data needs of such local partners.

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