Report on the Results of the Ukrainian Public Opinion Survey of the Internally Displaced Persons and Citizens of the Hosting Communities

Cover: Ukraine IDP survey
Kyiv International Institute of Sociology

A survey of 1,003 IDPs and 1,500 members of host communities in Ukraine was conducted in July-August 2016 by the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology on behalf of Internews in Ukraine with the financial support of Global Affairs Canada, as part of the project “Strengthening Conflict-affected Community Communication (SCCC) for Internally Displaced Persons in Ukraine.” The two-year SCCC project empowers local media to better cover humanitarian issues, better inform IDPs of their rights, and provide channels of communication between IDPs and communities throughout Ukraine that are hosting the estimated 1.6 million Ukrainians forced from their homes by the Russian occupation of Crimea and pro-separatist conflict in the East.

According to the KIIS survey, the majority of IDPs do not feel prejudiced attitudes from members of host communities and have good relations with them. Members of host communities reported rather positive or neutral attitudes toward IDPs. One third of IDPs did report, however, that their rights were violated due to their status, saying that they faced obstacles in seeking social payments and benefits from the government and accommodation and employment.

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