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Two women talk in a meeting room

The most important delegation of COP22

November 10, 2016
By Jeanne Bourgault

For the last ten years, an unlikely delegation has helped to shape vital information coming out of COP, the annual United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

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A man with his legs shackled carries a rock through the water

“We were all Slaves”

November 4, 2016
By Michael Pan

Myanmar officials react to investigative reporting on prison labor camps and human rights activists call for reforms.

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Xiomara stands in a field with mountains behind her

Undercover and Working for Change

October 6, 2016
By Carolina Gomez Martin

Last year the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights named Honduras the most dangerous country in Latin America for journalists, but Honduran journalist Xiomara Orellana sees an opportunity for media to make a difference.

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A hand holding two pills

HIV: Igniting Conversations that Bring About Change

September 23, 2016
By Ida Jooste

As of September 1, South Africa is implementing “test and treat” — where every HIV positive person is placed on an anti-retroviral treatment (ART) program, regardless of their CD4 count, an indicator of how well the immune system is working.

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