Bubbles, Bars and Pictographs

Monday, October 31, 2016

A study conducted by Internews provided deeper insight into how Kenya’s news audiences perceive and understand the graphic images used to tell data-driven stories in the media. Bubble charts have little to no traction with Kenyan audiences; bar charts are generally considered more credible and “scientific;” but the best ones to use for conveying information are pictorial infographics.

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Bubbles, Bars and Pictographs: Understanding data and visual literacy in Kenya

Monday, October 31, 2016

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Bubble charts have little to no traction with Kenyan audiences of print news. Bar charts, on the other hand, are generally considered more credible and “scientific.” But if you want interest and inferences drawn from the news you’re conveying, then the best ones to use are pictorial infographics.

The Potential and Reality of Data Journalism in Developing Media Markets

Data has the potential to help communities understand their biggest challenges – why people become sick or well, why development initiatives succeed or fail, how government actions align with citizens’ priorities. However, most people do not have the skills or inclination to engage with data directly. That’s where data journalists and the open data community come in.

This report explains the role of data journalists and open data, and lays out the key considerations that can help predict the success or failure of new data journalism initiatives.

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Data Journalism: The New Normal in Kenya

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

In Kenya, dedicated journalists like Dorothy Otieno are using data to give depth and integrity to mainstream reporting. Otieno heads up the team at Nation Newsplex which published analysis of data showing thousands of Kenyan children are still leaving school early, with long-term consequences – they earn less and suffer more ill health than their more qualified peers. She says:

Meet the 2016 School of Data Fellows!

School of Data
Saturday, May 7, 2016

(Two of the fellows in this article from School of Data will be working with Internews' Data Journalism team.)

For the past three years, School of Data has been identifying and selecting outstanding data-literacy practitioners around the world. Our Fellows have led the way in bringing data-literacy knowledge and practices to their region: 26 individuals in 25 different countries in regions right across Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia.