“Egyptian Pulse” Helped Expand Participation of Marginalized Groups in Egypt’s Political Process

September 19, 2014

Marginalized groups in Egypt, including women, youth and people with disabilities, participated in media programs to increase their knowledge of key issues in the new constitution and expand their participation in the political process. The “Egyptian Pulse” project, conducted by Internews, was the first of its kind to focus on marginalized communities.

For six months, Internews, in partnership with four local NGOs from Aswan, Cairo, and Alexandria governorates, worked with youth, women, and persons with disabilities in their communities to increase their knowledge and awareness of their civic rights, the new constitution, candidates and the election process.

The goal was to increase the participation of youth and other marginalized populations in the upcoming elections in Aswan, Giza and Alexandria by analyzing and conveying accurate information to the public.

The closing event of Egyptian Pulse in September included a panel discussion on the rights of marginalized groups by experts in the civil society sector, women’s rights, the rights of youth, and the rights of persons with disabilities; and challenges of implementing constitutional rights in the community.

“The governorate of Giza strongly supports this kind of initiative led by the civil society sector which serves the children of this governorate, especially developmental projects focused on marginalized communities including persons with disabilities, youth, and women,” said Rady Amin Mostafa, assistant secretary general for the Governor of Giza. “Egypt needs a continuation of these kinds of effective and successful initiatives, which raise the social and cultural level of the individual, leading to full societal participation by marginalized groups and successful communities.”