Village Women in Egypt Advocate for their Constitutional Rights

September 23, 2014
Women and children in Naga’ Wanas learn how to obtain legal documents to secure their rights.

Naga’ Wanas, a small village in the Droo area of Aswan, Egypt, is characterized by its hospitable agricultural community. However it is steeped in illiteracy and a lack of basic infrastructure. Most of the close-knit community members do not have a strong grasp of their rights under the newly passed Egyptian constitution.

Through Internews’ Egyptian Pulse project, women in Naga’ Wanas were taught how to apply for their national IDs and then use that document to obtain birth and marriage certificates. These documents can secure them legal rights under the new constitution.

Traditionally, marriages and births go undocumented in Naga’ Wanas due to a lack of literacy and understanding of the economic and social rights of women and children. Internews’ partner in Naga’ Wanas – Future Association for Development in Aswan – worked to remedy this situation by networking with community leaders, including men and women, to stress the importance of producing legal documents which guarantee the rights of local women and children.

The initiative not only helped specific women obtain their documents but raised awareness in the entire community of Naga’ Wanas about constitutional rights.

Internews’ Egyptian Pulse project raises awareness within marginalized groups, including women, of their constitutional rights through the use of media tools.