In the last decade, Kyrgyzstan’s population has ousted two corrupt regimes through popular revolutions. Yet corruption continues to be a widespread problem in all sectors of the Kyrgyz economy and at all levels of the state. With funding from the European Commission (EuropeAid), Internews will support civil society’s ability to advocate for transparency and accountability in government, train journalists to investigate and uncover corruption, and develop tools to help citizens hold institutions and power holders accountable.

Internews is also assisting Kyrgyzstan’s former state-controlled broadcaster as it strives to transition fully into a public service broadcaster, helping the country’s media community prepare for the upcoming transition to digital broadcasting, and providing a variety of learning opportunities for media professionals and citizen journalists.

In 2016, Internews launched a project financed by the European Union to enable citizens and policy-makers improved access to information and data on the environment and natural resources in Central Asia.

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  • Improved Reporting on the Environment a New Emphasis for Internews in Central Asia

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    Friday, April 29, 2016

    Internews will be focusing on reporting on the environment and natural resources in Central Asia under a new project financially supported by the European Union. The project aims to enhance regional efforts to improve citizens’ and policy-makers’ access to information and communication on the issues.

  • Conference Emphasizes the Important Role Public Broadcasting Plays in a Democracy

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    Saturday, August 16, 2014

    Kyrgyzstan is the first and only country in the Central Asian region to establish a public service broadcaster, a publically-funded TV and radio company whose broadcasting serves the public interest, aiming to provide a sense of national community while fulfilling the programming needs of a broad range of constituencies.

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