Working closely with local media, health ministries, and coordinating with international organizations and humanitarians, Internews is working in Liberia in response to the Ebola outbreak to provide lifesaving information to local communities.

Local media are struggling to adapt their work to the changing information needs of the local population. People on the ground need to have information to make informed decisions that are not dictated by fear of the disease or by misunderstanding of the current situation.

Internews is currently implementing two projects in Liberia – “Information Saves Lives,” a 6-month project implemented under the Health Communication Capacity Collaborative (Hc3) project and funded by USAID, and “Stop Transmission," a 3-month project supported by Population Services International (PSI) with funding from the Hewlett Foundation.

These projects build the capacity of Liberian journalists to report accurately on the Ebola crisis and the disease, helping them understand the facts and science behind it, as well as helping the international and local humanitarian response to connect with the affected communities as an integral component to Internews' two-way communication approach, ensuring that affected populations' voices are heard.

More information on Internews in Liberia's Facebook page.

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