Internews, in partnership with Chemonics, is implementing a three-year Strengthening Somali Governance project, funded by USAID. The two main components for Internews are:

  • strengthening civil society and media engagement with the general public to enhance citizen inputs and dialogue with government institutions; and
  • improving the capacity of media and civil society to hold local, regional and federal government institutions accountable.

Internews activities will focus on media training and capacity building, civil society media literacy and mobilizing interactive platforms to engage citizens in dialogue with governing institutions. This program will interlock with similar actions currently being implemented by Internews’ European- funded Media for Peace program and its newly established Media Resource Center in Mogadishu.

The Media for Peace program (2014-2016) supports local Somali media and civil society organizations to open up the possibilities for dialogue between each other, the government and most importantly Somali citizens. Through this project, Internews provides hands-on training for both radio and photojournalists in its Media Resource Center. These efforts are supporting localized programming to provide trusted independent information to the local population and create space for debate and dialogue to foster peace and mitigate conflict.

Past Program

The goal of Internews’ past USAID-funded project in Somalia – People to People Radio – was to help the population emerge from a 20-plus year conflict and transition to a new republic. In partnership with Star FM, a Nairobi-based Somali language radio station with an expanding FM network in Kenya and Somalia, Internews established three community radio stations in Somalia to build relationships with the local population to provide trusted independent information and a democratic space for debate and dialogue.

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